Next-generation market intelligence for airlines, airports and destination marketers

Diio Mi brings together a comprehensive collection of critical data sources and a class-leading analysis toolset. Developed by aviation professionals for aviation professionals, Diio Mi delivers unparalleled decision support to help you make informed route and network planning decisions.

Diio Mi is web-based and subscription priced. Work whenever and wherever you have Internet access. Analyze your market. Stay current with the moves your competitors are making. Use the tool as often as you like for a single, low annual fee.

Key users include:

  • Airline Route and Network Planners
  • Airline Schedulers
  • Airline Market Managers, Sales Managers and Marketing Planners
  • Airport Marketing Managers and Business Developers
  • Airport Ground Service Providers
  • Destination Marketing Organizations
  • Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Industry and Financial Analysts

Sophisticated decision support tools for every need
and budget.

To meet the unique needs of the aviation market, Diio Mi is available in three versions.

Diio Mi: Diio Mi is the preferred market intelligence choice for transportation and travel analysts, planners and marketers who demand precision and processing power.

Diio Mi Express: Developed specifically for airports with fewer than 500,000 annual passengers, Diio Mi Express delivers key data, analysis tools and peer comparison capability.

Diio Mi Project: Diio Mi Project is a full-featured version packaged to meet the needs of consultants who prefer usage-based pricing.

Diio Mi features:

  • Worldwide schedule data, both historical and future, updated weekly
  • U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) traffic, fare, load factor, financial, and on-time performance data
  • Worldwide traffic and revenue data based on ticket sales*
  • Worldwide airline fleet data*
  • Demographics data and tools
  • Route forecasting tools*

*Available at a low additional cost

Diio Mi focuses on usability and performance:

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use interface gets you up to speed fast, without extensive training
  • Secure access via the web 24/7
  • Updated report organization and layouts make key intelligence easy to find and retrieve
  • Flexible time series options to pull the exact data needed to analyze trends
  • New demographics reporting capabilities
  • Reports can be output in HTML, Microsoft® Excel and plain text formats

Unmatched Schedule intelligence.

Diio Mi includes access to the most current Airline Schedule data available. Diio Mi keeps you keep abreast of important changes in industry capacity. Departures, aircraft type, seats per aircraft, ASMs, and other critical capacity measurements are all captured.

Key traffic and fare data.

U.S. DOT Origin and Destination (O&D) survey data contains traffic and fare data for passengers traveling on U.S. airlines. Diio Mi simplifies O&D intelligence for use in route studies or air service development packaging. The tool helps you monitor trends and gain important traffic and fare insights.

Add the extra capability you need, when you need it.

Diio Mi's modular software architecture makes it easy to add scope and capability to an already feature-packed tool.

Diio Mi QSI: The same state-of-the-art route forecasting capability used by the world's most sophisticated airlines is now available to airports at an affordable price. Diio Mi QSI can help you build compelling air service development business cases based on actual and potential passenger demand. QSI is available to Diio Mi airport subscribers for a low additional cost.

Diio Mi Fares and Market Size (FM): Diio Mi FM provides fare and market size data for airports interested in international traffic that is not covered by U.S. DOT data.

Three versions are available. Diio FMd covers domestic traffic for U.S. airports. Diio Mi FMi covers U.S. to international traffic for U.S. airports. Diio Mi FMg covers global traffic for airports in Canada and in the Caribbean. FM is available to Diio Mi subscribers for a low additional cost.

Diio Mi Fleet: Diio Mi Fleet delivers key data on nearly 40,000 aircraft worldwide, allowing users to track airline fleet composition and deliveries, aircraft age and aircraft ownership. Fleet is available to Diio Mi subscribers for a low additional cost.

ARC Market Locator: With data on tens of millions of ticketed transactions, ARC Market Locator provides unique and unprecedented insight into U.S. air passenger preferences to help U.S. airline, airport and destination marketing organizations make informed business decisions. Locator is available to Diio Mi subscribers for a low additional cost.

Diio Mi 3.0 sets the market intelligence standard. Again.

Diio Mi 3.0 adds the convenience, data, and tools our airline and airport users asked for.

Now more than ever, Diio Mi 3.0 is the leading choice for one-stop market intelligence and nonstop market insights. For analytic precision and unparalleled decision support that helps you make informed route and network planning decisions, Diio Mi 3.0 is the right choice.

Supercharged features. Fresh market insights.

Developed by aviation professionals for aviation professionals, Diio Mi 3.0 puts even more control in the hands of its users with these powerful new features.

Autocomplete Filters: Say goodbye to code lookups and region dropdowns. Say hello to ease and simplicity. Diio has rewritten its input filters in Diio Mi 3.0 so that users can simply type in the name of Airlines, Airports, and Regions to get an input value. Diio's Autocomplete functionality then provides a list of selectable options for the user to choose. Users already familiar with Airline and Airport codes can still enter them the traditional way.

Automatic Reporting Capabilities: Diio Mi 3.0 makes running reports easier and more convenient than ever before. Diio users can now schedule vital reports to run automatically when new data becomes available or according to a schedule as they please. Additionally, users can now send reports with vast amounts of data straight to background processing, avoiding interruption of their work sessions. When processing is complete, Diio Mi will send an email notification to the user's inbox. The new Report Hub features of Diio Mi 3.0 give users maximum control over how and when they access strategic business intelligence.

Catchment Mapper: Market demographics visualization gets a Diio Mi 3.0 boost with the new Catchment Mapper. Beautiful new graphics provide the stage for fresh insights driven by new datasets with more economic indicators. Users simply input an airport value and a drive time limit. The new Catchment Mapper does the rest, not only mapping how long it takes passengers to drive to the airport, but also giving key demographics on the area in which they live.

Free trial. No strings attached.

To experience Diio Mi for yourself, register for a FREE trial. To contact a Diio professional directly, call: 408.353.0530, or call toll free: 855.DIIONET (855.344.6638).