Your air service business case just got more compelling.

Key Diio Mi QSI users include:

  • Airport Executives
  • Airport Marketing Managers
  • Airport Business Developers

Attracting new service and maintaining existing airline service are ongoing challenges for most airports. Diio Mi can help with an optional state-of-the-art tool that helps you build a compelling business case based on actual and potential passenger demand.

Developed specifically for airports by Diio air service development experts, the Diio Mi QSI (Quality Service Index) module accesses worldwide fare and demand intelligence. The optional QSI add-on uses a proprietary market size database that is quality-calibrated by Diio. The same QSI algorithms used by the world's most sophisticated airlines drive data analysis to forecast passenger traffic, optimum flight connections and revenue.

Fully integrated with Diio Mi, QSI inputs are straightforward and allow the application of variables such as flight timings, choice of aircraft, connection windows, traffic simulation and more. In minutes, forecasts can be displayed on screen or made presentation-ready by simply exporting reports to Excel.

For the cost of what a consultant might charge for a single route forecast, Diio Mi airport subscribers can add unlimited access to the route forecasting precision of QSI.

Harness the power of Diio Mi QSI.

For pricing information and a full demonstration, contact Diio today. To contact a Diio professional directly, call: 408.353.0530, or call toll free: 855.DIIONET (855.344.6638).