Diio Ci increases airline planning efficiency by 30%.

Diio Ci helps airlines complete more projects in less time with smarter results. Diio Ci is a modular business intelligence toolset and data store that gives airlines immediate access to critical data. This Software as a Service (SaaS) tool reduces airline operating costs, enhances access, and provides lifetime support, while intuitive query screens turn every analyst into a power user.

Diio Ci gives everyone a key.

Airline functional teams mature at different rates. It's common to find accounting, finance, revenue management, network planning, corporate development, sales planning, operations, and the frequent flyer marketing teams hosting their own servers and maintaining licenses for Tableau, Cognos, SQL, SAS, and home-grown tools for each group. Departments compete continuously for limited IT resources, while a few power-users are hard-pressed to answer questions from colleagues throughout the company.

Diio Ci speeds communication. The tool fosters team clarity and collaboration across workgroups to improve the way an airline runs. Diio Ci empowers curiosity, democratizes data, eliminates bottlenecks, and answers questions fast.

How often do airline analysts need someone else to pull data for them or wait for a query to run overnight? Pressing "Enter" on most Diio Ci queries provides actionable results before this sentence is read.

Today every department depends on a few experts. Tomorrow everyone can be an expert.

Diio Ci supports detailed analysis and reporting across multiple workgroups:

  • Alliance Planning
  • Marketing
  • Network Planning
  • Finance and Fleet Planning
  • Revenue Management
  • Sales Planning
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Corporate Communications
  • Investor Relations

You have questions. Diio Ci has answers.

Diio Ci has airline DNA. The tool was developed by airline professionals for airline professionals. Here's a sampling of the questions Diio Ci answers:

  • How many connecting passengers were on flight 398?
  • What does the year over year sales build on flights between Denver and London look?
  • How many frequent flyers traveled to Perth last month?
  • How effective was the January double-miles promotion?
  • How many people purchased first-class tickets to PTY?
  • Which partner provides the most codeshare traffic from NYC?
  • Did short haul flights earn a profit in February?
  • What percent of revenue comes from passengers originating in Europe?
  • How does ancillary revenue compare across our 25 least profitable flights?
  • How did bag fee increases affect market share?

Better data. Better tools. Better resource management.

Diio Ci helps airlines work through their lists of high-value projects because Diio Ci gives project leaders additional time to analyze and develop them. Diio Ci reduces the hidden costs of IT development, IT support, software licenses, and scattered servers powering tools that don't talk to each other. Diio Ci is the right choice for airlines that want to compete and win.

Diio Ci continues a tradition of innovation.

Hundreds of the world's leading airlines, airports, manufacturers, advisors, and destination marketers trust and depend on Diio's business intelligence tools. Diio Ci continues a tradition of innovation that began more than a decade ago.

Diio Ci raises the bar to set a new standard for airline planning and management tools. This affordable tool features secure web access wherever the Internet is available. Diio Ci is ready to work 24/7. And like all Diio products, Diio Ci is backed by industry-leading Customer First support. We have you covered with access to a responsive Diio expert online, by email, and by phone.

Are you ready to compete and win?

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